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  • What's a homestel?
    A homestel is a hostel style accommodation that feels more like a home. We provide a community for travelers who go off the beaten path and really want to experience Boston more than just visiting the tourist places. We provide short term accommodations for budget oriented travelers who value experiences and meeting other travelers. We also provide longer term (monthly) residences for students and people who are moving to Boston for up to 3 months.
  • I've never stayed in a hostel before, what is it?
    A hostel is like a bed and breakfast or a hotel, but may or may not include breakfast, depending on the hostel. Hostels provide common space to socialize with other travelers, a kitchen for guests to cook meals and eat together, and shared dorm rooms where independent travelers share the room.
  • Do you have a TV in the rooms?
    We do not have a TV anywhere. Our philosophy is to have a social environment and promote cultural exchanges. Thus we encourage guests to have conversations with each other and to go out and see Boston together. We respect the fact that to some, having a TV is essential. Rather than have you feel unhappy that there is no TV, you should look at staying at a different hostel.
  • Speaking of breakfast, is breakfast included?
    We are a small independent hostel, in order to keep costs low for our guests, we do not provide a full breakfast, however, we do have tea and coffee, and a kitchen so you can make your meals.
  • Can I cook at the homestel?
    Yes, we have a kitchen and refrigerator, so you are free to store food and cook. Please no cooking after 10PM though.
  • If I'm sharing a room with strangers, how do I keep my stuff safe?
    We offer lockers that you can use to lock up valuables or important stuff, just bring your own padlock. Though our lockers will not fit your full luggage, we have never had a problem where someone's dirty socks got stolen, so generally, random clothing are safe. We do not sell locks or have any to lend, so you must bring your own.
  • What's the best way to make a reservation.
    The best way to make a reservation is on our own site, under rooms and rates. You will have to enter your potential dates to get the most updated pricing, otherwise the page will only show the lowest prices of the year, which may or may not coincide with your desired stay.
  • Is drinking allowed at the homestel?
    Yes, but only in moderation and only for guests at least 21 years old. Drunken behaviors that disturb other guests will forfeit your reservation without refund.
  • Can my child under 18 stay at the homestel?
    We do not allow anyone under 18 to check in without an adult guardian. However, if someone under 18 is here for a visit at one of the universities, we can arrange for the stay with prior parental approval. Please call us to check before making the reservation.
  • Can I check in after normal check in hours (after 9PM ET)?
    Yes, however, you would need to arrange this prior to arrival.
  • Can I reserve a bottom bunk?
    We cannot guarentee the bottom bunk as it is first come first serve in our dorm rooms. However, if you need a lower bed, please reserve the private room, which will guarentee a lower bed for you.
  • Can I stay at the homestel if I'm a snorer?
    The dorm rooms are shared among independent travelers, thus, it would be considered impolite, whether intentional or unintentional, to disturb another's sleep. It is strongly recommended that if you are a snorer, to reserve the private room. After all, you wouldn't like it if someone played loud music next to you while you're trying to sleep. Snoring can have the same effect on non snorers... just saying.
  • Do I need to bring my own linens/bedding/pillows?
    No you do not need to bring your own linens, in fact, we do not allow outside sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, etc. You may bring your own towel if you prefer.
  • Do you have private rooms?
    Yes we do, we have some that only supports two people sharing a bed, and others that can support 2 separate people, 3 people, and 4 people.
  • Is there parking around?
    We offer paid spots for parking in our driveway and lot if you need to park, it costs $10/night. Street parking is free, but check the street signs for info, as we are not responsible if you fail to obey street parking rules.
  • Is there a curfew?
    We do not have a curfew once you've checked in. However, our latest check in hour is at 9PM, if you plan to arrive later, please arrange it in advance with us. Once you checked in, we give you the key code that you can use for 24 hour access to the homestel.
  • I forgot my random something at the homestel after I checked out and I need it mailed to Antartica for me, can you do it?
    Unfortunately we cannot provide this service for many reasons. We advise that you check everything before you leave.
  • I still have more questions, what's the best way to get in touch with you?
    The best way is to email us at
  • Do you have bike storage?
    Guests can lock their bikes to the porch post in the back. If you booked a private room, then you can keep the bike in the room with you if you wish. We don't allow bikes in dorm rooms, unless the bike can folded up and put in a corner.
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